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  • Single payment USD 5,495 /Year
  • 12-monthly installment payments USD 460 /mo

The world's most widely used, complete, and unified PCB Design environment combining schematic, layout, and everything else you need to design printed circuit boards. What's Included

Altium 365 Assembly Assistant
USD 999

Speed up your manual board assembly with Altium 365 Assembly Assistant. Combine BOM, PCB Viewer, and assembly instructions in one interface.

Altium 365
SiliconExpert Integration
Annual USD 5,000
Part Queries Per Company
  • 2,500 USD 5,000
  • 5,000 USD 8,000
  • 10,000 USD 15,000
  • 25,000 USD 30,000
  • 60,000 USD 60,000

Get up-to-date component data like Lifecycle, YTEOL (Years-to-End-of-Life), Risks, Alternates (Crosses), and more from SiliconExpert, which helps you design with more confidence and less surprises during and after the design process. Please note it will take a few days to activate your integration.

Altium Designer Essentials - Online Instructor Led
USD 2,396

Learn How to Navigate Altium Designer with Ease
This instructor led, hands-on course provides instructions on the entire design capture process, starting with the User Interface, Project Creation, Schematic Entry, then moving towards PCB Layout, Documentation, and finally Fabrication Outputs. Course Certification awarded for successful completion of the course.

Altium Designer Advanced - Online Instructor Led
USD 2,396

Become an Altium Designer Power User
This instructor led course is designed for experienced Altium users, who are looking to expand their knowledge with design rules, differential pair routing, and customizing project templates. Course Certification awarded for successful completion of the course.

Altium Designer Online Training - Private
USD 18,000

Private Instructor-Led Altium training is available for corporations, organizations, or educational institutions. Group training sessions can be provided online or onsite for private groups of six to twelve participants. The three-day training program follows the Altium Essentials or Advanced training curriculum. On request, Altium trainers can provide a personalized training program designed specifically to meet your goals and timing.

Altium Designer Essentials - On Demand (English)
USD 1,196

Altium Designer Essentials video series provides step-by-step instructions and shortcuts for Altium Designer. This course is designed for new designers and experienced. Course Certification awarded for successful completion of the course professionals.

Altium Designer Advanced - On Demand (English)
USD 1,196

Altium Designer Advanced video series offers over 20 in-depth exercises on advanced techniques. Course Certification awarded for successful completion of the course.
Learn how to streamline your board design and dramatically reduce design errors.

Altium Designer Spice - On Demand (English)
USD 596

Analyze and Improve the Performance of Your Design
This hands-on training session offers in-depth exercises to get you started with the basics of SPICE simulation. Learn to use the Simulation Dashboard to control the analysis, define the view and adjust parameters. Did you know Altium Designer can import schematics in a variety of other formats, including OrCAD®, LTSpice®, and KiCad®? Learn how to use the Import Wizards and more in over 8 hours of online courses.

PDN Analyzer Basics V2.0 - On Demand (English)
USD 116

Learn How to Troubleshoot on the Spot
Providing quality power to the logical blocks of the device is one of the most important tasks. Learn how to catch issues early using PDN Analyzer to analyze power nets, identify "weak points," and adjust the design before manufacturing.

Altium 365 Design Management and Set-Up - On Demand (English)
USD 329

Quickly implement Altium 365 in your organization

  • Learn how to organize and manage your component and project data in Altium 365
  • Learn how to manage users, roles, and permission sets and explore how non-licensed users can access and collaborate on designs.
  • Learn how to use Altium 365 to collaborate with stakeholders- librarians, mechanical designers, parts providers, fabricators, and assembly houses - to ensure that every aspect of your design stays on track.
  • Explore the latest design management features, including online design reviews, now to run automated design comparisons, and how to manage your task list.

Altium 365 Library Management - Training On Demand (English)
USD 329

Create parts and maintain your component library

  • Explore component templates and types as you learn how to create them individually or in batches.
  • Organize library data into folders and transfer libraries into the cloud using the Library Importer.
  • Ensure the quality of your components with Altium 365 and track where they are used in your managed projects and schematics.

Altium 365 Design Management - On Demand (English)
USD 129

Learn how to use Altium 365 functionality like a pro

  • Access and manage your work securely from both within Altium Designer as well as through any web browser.
  • Explore how to add folders, collaborate with librarians and mechanical designers, procure parts, and release your design for manufacturing.
  • Learn how Altium 365 can be used to coordinate with stakeholders throughout the design process, ensuring that your project stays on track.

Altium 365 Training Bundle - On Demand (English)
USD 596

The Altium 365 Training Bundle is the best way to learn how to use Altium 365. This bundle includes the courses "Design Management and Setup" and "Library Management" that will teach you to connect all the key stakeholders and disciplines, from mechanical designers to parts procurement to fabrication and assembly.