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PDN Analyzer powered by CST® On-Demand Perpetual License and 1 Yr Subscription

$4,340.00 USD

The PDN Analyzer powered by CST® allows you to easily resolve PDN issues as they arise in your board layout process without ever relying on a physical prototype.

With digital designs continuing to increase in density and complexity, it’s more difficult and critical than ever to fully understand the impact of design decisions on your Power Distribution Network (PDN) voltage and current performance. Rather than treating PDN issues as a post-design afterthought in a physical prototype, you need a way to accurately identify and resolve every IR drop, current density issue, and voltage drop as part of your board layout process.


  • Automated Analysis Setup
  • Native 3D & 2D Visual Overlay
  • Comprehensive Power Integrity Solver
  • Unified Design Environment
  • Integrated Design & Simulation Data
  • Easy-to-use PDN Analysis

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